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Room rentals
Room rentals

Room rentals

The following rental fees for our rooms include adequate seating, note pads and pens according to the number of participants. Technical equipment is not included and can be ordered separately.

1. floor whole day half day
Agua CHF 280.00 CHF 170.00
Fuego CHF 280.00 CHF 170.00
Aire CHF 280.00 CHF 170.00
Tierra CHF 200.00 CHF 150.00
Agua & Fuego CHF 560.00 CHF 340.00
Agua & Fuego & Aire CHF 840.00 CHF 420.00

2. floor whole day half day
Sol CHF 280.00 CHF 170.00
Luna CHF 280.00 CHF 170.00
Sol & Luna CHF 560.00 CHF 340.00
Break-out rooms 212 / 214 / 312 CHF 140.00 CHF 80.00
Break-out rooms 311 CHF 100.00 CHF 60.00

Half-day rental fees are defined as follows: the morning until 12 noon, in the afternoon 1 pm to 5 pm or in the evening starting at 6 pm.

Set-up, preparation, clean-up

We provide you the rooms during the agreed period, prepared according to your needs. Before and after this period, the rooms have to be accessible for other events. Would you like to prepare your event and set up the room the night before? Let us know in advance in order that we can organize the availability for you.
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